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From The Potentate

Hi Nobles!

By the time you read this newsletter, our first snow and cold weather will have arrived and I know most of us were not ready. Are we ever?

Several parties have taken place and were well attended and a great time was had by all. The appreciation dinner was also well attended and everyone enjoyed themselves and the program.

The temple has been decorated beautifully, thanks to all who put forth a helping hand.

Now is the time for everyone to get out and to really enjoy the upcoming festivities full of fun and opportunities to meet new people. It is also a time to start thinking about the new year and possibilities for growth throughout our shrine club.

Until the next time, I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and be THANKFUL for all that we have.

Until the next time, be safe in all that you do and remember...

CAN’T is not in our vocabulary.

Your Potentate,

Leroy Woods

P.O. Box 414

West Middlesex, PA 16159

Cell: (412) 638-3257


From The First Lady

Dear Nobles and Ladies,

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The year has gone very fast and it’s time for holiday parties. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas and a happy & blessed New Year to you and your families.

Thank you to everyone who helped decorate the Temple and attended our appreciation dinner. Words can never express our appreciation for everyone’s support this year. We have been truly blessed to serve as your Potentate and First Lady of 2019. A special thank you to all who have supported the First Ladies Project. Our year is full of many treasured memories thanks to each and everyone of you.

We look forward to seeing you at the Club & Units holiday parties and to share cheer for the New Year!

Leroy and I wish the very best for 2020, for Noble Randy & Lady Deb, and Zem Zem Shrine.

In Shrine Love,
Lady Gini

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Zem Zem 2019